Planning Appeals

Has your planning application been refused?  Facing planning enforcement action? We can help.

Planex provides forensic analysis of your application to provide advice on whether you should consider taking your case to planning appeal.  

Planex has an excellent track record of success at appeal and if there is no chance of winning we will advise from the outset.  We can submit a planning appeal and manage the entire process on your behalf.

Alternatively, we can advise on whether the submission of an amended proposal may have a greater chance of success of achieving consent from the Local Planning Authority and undertake negotiations with the Local Planning Authority regarding any proposed modifications and their planning merits on your behalf.

If you have been notified that the council is investigating development which does not have the benefit of planning permission it is advised that it is best to try to negotiate with the Local Planning Authority to explore whether an acceptable solution may be possible in order to avoid a formal planning Enforcement Notice being issued. 

If an Enforcement Notice has been served and you disagree with the content you will need to appeal the decision.  The deadline to issue an appeal can be tight and the consequences of not appealing a notice can be serious.  It is therefore advisable that professional advice is sought as soon as possible regarding enforcement matters to appraise whether there are any grounds for appeal and to provide the best chance of success if an appeal is progressed.

Planex Consulting can prepare, submit and represent you throughout the planning appeal process for appeals against refusals, conditions attached to consent, Lawful Development Certificate appeals, and enforcement appeals.  We can also advise on whether your appeal may be eligible for an application for a costs award.

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“I am sure you are as relieved as we are that this episode of pitched battle is over!

We certainly could not have managed without your skill, knowledge and persistence!

I feel as if a great burden has been lifted.

Many many thanks for everything.”

- S. Money